The PNDA distribution is available on GitHub at:


It consists of the following source code repositories and sub-projects:


  • platform-salt: provisioning logic for creating PNDA
  • pnda-cli: orchestration application for creating PNDA on AWS, OpenStack or an existing pre-prepared cluster
  • pnda-dib-elements: tools for building disk image templates
  • pnda: pnda release notes and build system


  • platform-libraries: libraries for working with interactive notebooks
  • platform-tools: tools for operating a cluster
    • bulkingest: tools for performing a bulk ingest of data
  • platform-console-frontend: “single pane of glass” giving operational overview and access to application and data management functions
  • platform-console-backend: APIs that provide data to the console frontend
    • console-backend-data-logger: APIs to ingest data
    • console-backend-data-manager: APIs to provide data
  • platform-testing: modules that test both the end to end platform and individual components and collect metrics
  • platform-deployment-manager: API to manage packages and application deployment and lifecycle
  • platform-data-mgmnt: tools to manage data retention
    • data-service: API to set data retention policies
    • hdfs-cleaner: cron job to clean up HDFS data
    • oozie-templates: templates that archive or delete data
  • platform-package-repository: manages a simple package repository backed by OpenStack Swift
  • gobblin: customized fork of the Gobblin data ingest framework


  • prod-odl-kafka: plugin to ingest data from OpenDaylight
  • logstash-codec-pnda-avro: patched AVRO codec ingest data from Logstash


  • example-applications: example applications that can be built and run on PNDA
    • spark-batch: example batch data processing application
    • spark-streaming: example streaming data processing application
    • jupyter-notebooks: examples for working with Jupyter notebooks
    • kafka-spark-opentsdb: example consumer that feeds data to OpenTSDB
  • example-kafka-clients: examples for working with kafka clients
    • java
    • php
    • python


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