Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


[0.5.0] 2018-08-28


  • PNDA-4009: Add application detailed summary guide
  • PNDA-4525: Deprecate Ubuntu 14.04
  • PNDA-4469: Add a section about Kafka topic creation from outside the cluster
  • PNDA-4598: Update documentation for removal of pam_module pillar
  • PNDA-4641: Updated PNDA Guide for provisioning PNDA on OpenStack
  • PNDA-4599: Update guide for change from bastion to gateway
  • PNDA-4440: Upgrade kafka from to 1.1.0
  • PNDA-4509: Fix the documentation to match the new cluster access
  • PNDA-4818: Update Ambari to and HDP to
  • PNDA-4837: Upgrade Grafana from 4.2.0 to 5.1.3


  • PNDA-4715: Add VMWare section in provisioning
  • PNDA-4482: Update dataset compaction details in PNDA Guide
  • PNDA-4733: Add documentation about securing the cluster perimeter
  • PNDA-4468: Document new ingest mechanics
  • PNDA-4827: Add a setup guide for installing PNDA with terraform
  • PNDA-4501: Document Flink related features


  • PNDA-4884: OpenDaylight pnda-guide link takes to 404

[0.4.0] 2018-02-10


  • PNDA-2540: Stop supplying 'cloud-user' as the default operating system user as this is deployment specific and must be supplied in the pnda-env.yaml
  • PNDA-3601: Disable emailtext in Jenkins file and replace it with notifier stage and job
  • PNDA-4043: Update HDP to version
  • PNDA-4110: Build proxy documentation edits
  • PNDA-3555: Stop using locations under /user for PNDA 'system' functions
  • PNDA-3663: Move governance and contribution guidelines to pnda-guide
  • PNDA-3483: Allow dynamic zookeeper ip resolution
  • PNDA-3548: upgrade KM to
  • PNDA-4442: Clarify steps required for creation on server cluster


  • PNDA-3295: fix missing links on SUMMARY


  • PNDA-3585: Add documentation about the PNDA queue placement policy
  • PNDA-4460: Add Flink details and version

[0.3.0] 2017-11-24


  • Rewrote Provisioning section
  • PNDA-2873: Documentation for the new Avro Codec
  • PNDA-2839: Update Grafana documentation for default password
  • PNDA-3167: Update flavor as this is m4 instead of m3
  • PNDA-3231: Update SUMMARY in order to include all the provisioning parts
  • PNDA-3302: upgrade edge flavor on pico
  • PNDA-3530: Ambari version and HDP version
  • PNDA-3548: Upgrade Kafka manager to version


  • PNDA-3304: Add script to set a non-transparent proxy for the mirror build.
  • PNDA-2726: Added example spark-batch and spark-streaming jobs in python
  • PNDA-3208: Adding information on how to extend/manage Avro schema evolutions

[0.1.6] 2017-01-20


  • PNDA-2493: Align AWS and OpenStack flavors
  • Updated
  • Updated producer instructions


  • PNDA-2553: Paths in platformlibs examples

[0.1.5] 2016-12-12


  • PNDA-2222: Added a page covering the default UI login credentials
  • Clarify steps to get started/provision PNDA
  • Update Platform Requirements section

[0.1.4] 2016-10-31


  • Updated to note details of hotfix in release 3.2.1

[0.1.3] 2016-10-21


  • Clarifications and improvements to many areas for 3.2 release

[0.1.2] 2016-09-09


  • Set grafana version to 3.1.1
  • Add details and links about AWS provisioning using CloudFormation
  • Add technology versions page to guide
  • Update Kafka security with details about SASL_SSL & ACL

[0.1.1] 2016-07-04


  • New download link for the guide (pdf, mobi and epub)

[0.1.0] 2016-07-04

First release



  • Added package server instructions.
  • Updated website to


  • Fixed deployment issue.


  • Renamed PaNDA to PNDA.


  • Renamed data exploration lab to tutorial.
  • Added links to repository.


  • Renamed platform-heat-templates to pnda-heat-templates, platform-dib-elements to pnda-dib-elements.
  • Updated standard PNDA flavor.


  • Updated repos.
  • Removed links between repos, as they work in the guide but not on the GitHub website.



  • downloads: Added links to download book.
  • date: The last updated date is now set automatically.



  • console: Added better description of console workflow, and detailed screenshots.
  • references: Assembled all external hyperlinks into one page.
  • deployment manager: Removed entire section that was already copied to the applications page. Moved design section to the beginning of the chapter.
  • openbmp: Removed not very "useful links".
  • examples: Added links to example repos.
  • opendl: Added link to PNDA integration instructions.
  • example-spark-batch: Added better build instructions.
  • example-spark-streaming: Added better build instructions.
  • deployment manager: Added requirements and building sections.
  • README: The version number is now updated from the git release version using scripts/


  • Added this file.
  • Added file.
  • provisioning/ Added new document with a link to the Heat wiki.
  • security: Replaced with new blueprint, and removed everything else under security.
  • provisioning/ Formatted resource requirements into tables.
  • log-aggregation: Added file. Added external links.
  • introduction: Added paragraph for log aggregation. Shortend info for applications and packages.
  • pnda-dib-elements: Updated formatting.
  • metrics: Added link to log aggregation page.
  • Capitalization: Heat not HEAT, YARN not Yarn.
  • Spacing: 80 GB not 80GB.
  • logstash: Replaced producer/ with prod-logstash-codec-avro readme.
  • packages: Added link to getting started with info on uploading packages.
  • datasets: Added link to getting started with info on where datasets come from.
  • pmacct: Moved after OpenBMP.
  • consumers: Removed links to DevNet Learning Labs.

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