Welcome to the PNDA community

You will find bellow all the resources available with regards to the PNDA community:


The PNDA distribution is available on GitHub To get started setting up your own PNDA cluster, see the getting started. If you want to contribute to PNDA, check the contributions guidelines


If you want to have more information about the PNDA roadmap and plan, see the PNDA project

Mailing Lists

  • pnda-users group – for discussions around PNDA usage and community support
  • pnda-developers group – for discussions around PNDA development If you need support, please send your questions to the pnda-users group rather than filing a GitHub issue.

Project Governance

As a Linux Foundation Collaboration Project PNDA is not controlled by any single company. A copy of the project charter is published here

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