Create PNDA mirror components


As many real-world deployment environments don’t have Internet connectivity and online sources are not always dependable, PNDA is created from a cache of all the required software known as the "PNDA mirror".

At provisioning time, when Minions execute SaltStack states, software from this server is downloaded, installed and configured.

Before PNDA can be created, first we must create the directory structure and file sets to be placed on the PNDA mirror.

CentOS or RHEL

PNDA can be created on CentOS or RHEL instances. Before building the PNDA mirror components, decide which instance type your deployment will use.

Create mirror

Select build machine

Designate or create the mirror build machine.

This can be a physical machine or a VM but it needs to reflect the type of mirror you wish to build and must be clean.

Two types of mirror are supported -

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • CentOS 7

Obtain mirror build tools

The repository pnda contains all the tools needed to create and maintain the mirror file sets.

Clone this repository to the mirror creation machine. The tools are found in the mirror folder.

Build mirror file sets

To run the entire mirror creation process -

sudo su

The script automatically detects the host Linux distribution and builds the appropriate file sets.

This takes about 20 minutes to run and the output will be available in a directory named mirror-dist.

Building parts of the mirror

The different parts of the mirror can be created separately if required. The scripts to do this are -

Each script creates its output in a directory named for the respective mirror type -


For more about creating and maintaining mirrors, please refer to the repository notes.


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