Configure PNDA creation process


The PNDA creation process is controlled primarily via a YAML configuration file.

A template YAML configuration can be found in the pnda-cli repository.

Configure pnda_env.yaml

Designate client machine

Create or designate a suitable machine for running the PNDA CLI. We recommend CentOS 7.

Obtain code

Clone the pnda-cli repository repository from the master branch at a specific release tag (e.g. release/4.0) to the client machine.

Copy pnda_env_example.yaml to create pnda_env.yaml

Set access credentials

Set the following fields under terraform_parameters section in pnda_env.yaml .

Field Value
VS_USER vSphere user for creating PNDA
VS_PASSWORD vSphere password for VS_USER
VS_DS vSphere data store to use for this deployment
VS_PUBLIC_NETWORK ID of the network to place PNDA VMs on
VS_SERVER vSphere API endpoint
VS_TEMPLATE_xxx VM Images to use for various node types
TF_ROOT_USER Username with root ssh login to the VS_TEMPLATE_xxx images

As part of the provisioning process ssh login for TF_ROOT_USER is disabled and replaced with key-based login for a user named 'cloud-user'.

Hadoop distribution

Decide whether you want to run the Cloudera CDH or the Hortonworks HDP Hadoop distribution.

Set hadoop.HADOOP_DISTRO to either CDH or HDP.

Set source of SaltStack provisioning scripts

The PNDA software is installed and configured using the SaltStack code found in the platform-salt repository. There are two main options to provide source for platform-salt:

  1. Set platform_salt.PLATFORM_GIT_REPO_URI to the remote git URI and platform_salt.PLATFORM_GIT_BRANCH at the specified branch to be cloned during provisioning. If authenticated access to platform_salt.PLATFORM_GIT_REPO_URI is required, then place the ssh key to use, named git.pem, in the top level directory of "pnda-cli" repository and also set platform_salt.PLATFORM_GIT_REPO_HOST to the hostname of the server.

  2. A local copy of platform-salt can be used by setting (platform_salt.PLATFORM_SALT_LOCAL) to the path to the platform-salt folder on the local machine running

PNDA mirror

Set mirrors.PNDA_MIRROR to the URI determined by the placement of the mirror and build components in the staging phase.

Other fields

There are a wide range of parameters that can be set, please refer to pnda_env_example.yaml in the pnda-cli repository for more details.

SSH key pair

Create an ssh keypair with ssh-keygen -t rsa -N '' -f key_name to use when creating the virtual machine instances for PNDA as key_name.

Place both parts of the key root of the pnda-cli directory named as follows: the private key key_name.pem and public key

Ensure that key_name.pem has 0600 permissions.


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