Kafka Client (Python)

Please note that this tool can be used for unit testing, but should not be used in production.

Default Settings

  • default topic: raw.log.localtest or avro.log.localtest
  • kafka host: localhost:9092 or localhost:9093 for secured brokers using SSL


  • python 2.7.4
  • pip modules
    • kafka-python (1.3.1)
    • avro (1.7.7)
    • optional for random text: loremipsum (1.0.5)


These files are a simple illustration of a producer and consumer written in Python, and were used to test the reference Java-based implementation for Avro binary encoding and decoding.

Kafka / Zookeeper default settings

  • raw option - topic is raw.log.localtest
  • avro option - topic is avro.log.localtest
  • Work with a local kafka (localhost:9092 or localhost:9093)
  • Edit the python file for others hosts settings


Start a consumer (raw message):

python consumer.py 

Start a consumer (serializer - avro):

python consumer.py -s true

Start a consumer (serializer - avro and extra header matching confluent.io scheme id)

python consumer.py -s true -e true

Same with a secured kafka cluster

python consumer-ssl.py 


Start a producer (avro serializer is always on):

python producer.py

Start a producer (avro serializer is always on - extra header):

python producer.py -e true

Start a producer (avro serializer is always on - loop mode):

python producer.py -e true -l true

Start a producer with a secured kafka cluster

python producer.py -z

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