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Problems deploying PNDA 3.4 in RDO PackStack Newton

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asked Jun 21 by ganso (140 points)

I am facing some errors when deploying PNDA in my lab, using RDO PackStack Newton.

I successfully built the packages and the image based on Release 3.4 tag. I used the develop branch guide to set up the mirror server, and I used the heat CLI on Release 3.4 tag to start the deployment, after configuring the pnda_env.yaml file.

Unfortunately, the deployment stops with an error in both the heat CLI and PackStack, as follows:

"2017-05-29 19:38:52Z [pnda_cluster]: CREATE_FAILED  resources.bastion: resources.pnda_cluster.Property error: Error validating value 'None': The Key (None) could not be found.

2017-05-29 19:38:52Z [cation]: CREATE_FAILED  Resource CREATE failed: resources.bastion: resources.pnda_cluster.Property error: Error validating value 'None': The Key (None) could not be found."

The heat-engine.log shows the same error above, all the VMs, volumes, networks, and other resources created in PackStack seem to have been created successfully.

Digging further, we found out that the error occurs when Heat is trying to read the bastion.yaml file to create the bastion VM. We examined the file, which is created automatically when the heat CLI is first run, but we were not able to find errors in it, when comparing it to other templates that worked, such as CDH and Saltmaster.

See below a zip file containing the Heat CLI output, screenshots of my PackStack deployment and the yaml files generated by the Heat CLI.

Could anyone please give some suggestions on how to address this problem?

Thanks in advance

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answered Jun 21 by jeremie (3,410 points)

Thanks for your question, you just forgot to put the -s option in order to give the key name of an existing key pair available in your tenant.

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