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what's the role of cloudera manager in Pnda?

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asked May 2 by yusong0926 (240 points)
I haven't use cloudera manager before, so not sure the role and function of it in Pnda. What's the difference of cloudera manager and Pnda based on functionality in big data tools management.

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answered May 3 by James Clarke (1,630 points)
Cloudera distribute a controlled and tested version of Hadoop called "CDH" and provide a management tool called Cloudera Manager. This is used for admin of the Hadoop cluster and also by the PNDA setup scripts to install the Hadoop services. PNDA includes CDH but also adds Kafka, Gobblin, OpenTSDB, Jupyter and loads more components you need for a more complete data platform, plus testing and application deployment frameworks. The PNDA console provides an overview across all of these things.