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can't access PNDA console

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asked Apr 21 by yihli (260 points)

I create pico pnda use heat template, seems successfully,

but when i log to, curl failed to,

aslo don't find any applications monitored on 80 port.

How should I check  whether installed successfully?

below is part of creation log:

./ -e cation -f pico -s kilo create

CREATE_COMPLETE Stack CREATE completed successfully

Use the PNDA console to get started:

1 Answer

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answered Apr 21 by jeremie (3,130 points)

Once launching a PNDA cluster in OpenStsack using the HEAT cli, it outputs this at the end :

Use the PNDA console to get started: http://IP_OF_YOUR_EDGE_NODE_INTERNAL_IP  

Then command bellow which opens an SSH tunnel to the PNDA cluster listening on a port bound to localhost:

ssh -i YOURKEY.pem -D 9999 cloud-user@FLOATING_IP_BASTION

 After on your Web browser, you just need to use a socks proxy localhost:9999 to access the PNDA console http://IP_OF_YOUR_EDGE_NODE_INTERNAL_IP  
And use the socks proxy to access any nodes interfaces (PNDA console, Kibana etc...)
If you need to connect other cluster nodes you need to connect to the bastion first.