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Jupyter Console giving 404 Exception

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asked Jul 4 by smaniramkrish (170 points)
Deployed PNDA using AWS tempate of pico configuration. PNDA cluster is up and running. Able to access the PNDA console. But in the  Jupyter console is not coming nor the port 8000 is listening which can be seen through netstat

Any idea why is this

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answered Jul 4 by trsmith2 (3,160 points)
It sounds like the stack didn't deploy properly. Under the /cli directory in pnda-aws-templates you'll find logs. Have a look there for errors from SaltStack. A way to quickly locate these is to grep for the string "Failed".
commented Jul 14 by smaniramkrish (170 points)
Thanks for the comment. Issue was the in the AWS deployment CLI code I used Jupyter is not deployed. Later I was able to deploy  it separately