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Mapping document fr various PNDA components

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asked Jul 4 by smaniramkrish (170 points)
Currently I am trying to build PNDA and deploy the PNDA clusters using the PNDA components builds. Currently if I use the release/3.4 keyword in the build pnda script some of the PNDA components doesn't have mentioned releases available and hence it fails. Currently I am creating a BOM file with various PNDA components with some specific version. When these are used against the platform salt of Master branch deployment fails.

If there is any mapping document with versions for each of PNDA components and its platform salt, aws-templates repo version it is easier to build PNDA cluster from scratch.

Any help is apperciated

1 Answer

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answered Jul 4 by trsmith2 (3,160 points)
Building with RELEASE release/3.4 will work providing you also make sure you get pnda.git at release/3.4 - this is what our CICD system is doing many times a day. Can you provide more details about your error?