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How can I login cation-saltmaster virtual machine?

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asked Jun 19 by maxiao (840 points)

I created the pnda cluster, and it is being provisoning. But it is so slow, so I want to login cation-saltmaster to see what happened. But I see heat_cli uses one keypair created by itself, so how can I login the virtual machine?

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answered Jun 19 by admin (580 points)
Please refer to the section entitled "Anatomy of a PNDA stack" here

If your stack is at the point where you only have a saltmaster available, you can try examining the outputs of the stack for the key e.g. openstack stack output list <stack> and openstack stack output show <stack> <output name>. That key can then be used to access saltmaster, although whether the key is present or not depends very much on the reason why the stack is stuck in this state in the first place.
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Thanks . I used "openstack stack output show  cation private_key" to get the key.

I see the error :

2017-06-19 15:00:38Z [cation.deploy_install]: CREATE_FAILED  RemoteError: resources.deploy_install: Remote error: ClientException Object HEAD failed: 401 Unauthorized
2017-06-19 15:00:38Z [cation]: CREATE_FAILED  Resource CREATE failed: RemoteError: resources.deploy_install: Remote error: ClientException Object HEAD failed: 401 U

 Stack cation CREATE_FAILED

Command 'openstack stack create --timeout 120 --wait --template pnda.yaml --environment pnda_env.yaml --parameter ZookeeperNodes=3 --parameter KafkaNodes=2 --parameter DataNodes=3 --parameter OpentsdbNodes=1 --parameter PndaFlavor=pico --parameter KeyName=admin-keypair cation' failed

Then I login the vm with the key , and find the network is unreachable for
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You need to make sure you have a stable, working OpenStack cluster before deploying PNDA.