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asked Apr 21 by yusong0926 (240 points)
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I am trying to deploy Pnada on AWS. I am a little bit stuck at step 9:

9. Edit pnda_env.yaml with the component package server IP address (pnda_component_packages.PACKAGES_SERVER_URI). A component package server provides a webserver for the binaries for the pnda components, the PNDA guide contains instructions on how to set up a component package server.

does it mean I need to create a ec2 instance on AWS to run a HTTP server. And put the ip address of the server in the PACKAGES_SERVER_URI in the pnda_env.yaml template file. 

In pnda_env.yaml,  PACKAGES_SERVER_URI: http://xx.xx.xx.xx/packages

So I followed the guid to create a http server in a ec2 instance.

but there is no /packages/ folder in the root folder of the server I created. The files I have in /var/www/html/ are just copied from pnda-dist which are bunch of .tar.gz files. 


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answered Apr 22 by yusong0926 (240 points)
just figured out that I need to create folders for that.  /var/www/html/platform/releases/  and copy the files from pnda-dist into it. Maybe the guide can be more clear about that.
commented May 2 by trsmith2 (1,740 points)
PACKAGE_SERVER_URI should be the URI to the files on the HTTP server. You decide what this location is - make a note of it when you copy the files to your HTTP server.

For example, out of the box, Apache 2 on Ubuntu has a document root of /var/www/html. Therefore, if you copy your files to /var/www/html, they will be available at http://your server>/. If you'd like to serve them from somewhere else, configure your HTTP server and move your files accordingly.