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Red-Pnda Kafka main and kafka-consumer keep respwaning

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asked Jan 2 by chetansk (170 points)
edited Jan 2 by chetansk

I downloaded the red-pnda  OVA, bring up the Vbox. I see kafka main process and kafka-consumer never comes up. My dmesg and syslog is filled with messages like

[  177.565700] init: kafka-consumer main process (4027) terminated with status 1
[  177.566365] init: kafka-consumer main process ended, respawning
[  178.751042] init: kafka main process (3749) terminated with status 1
[  178.751074] init: kafka main process ended, respawning

Any help ?




I changed the brokerid to 1 from 0 (/usr/local/kafka_2.11-, I see things are working now !!

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answered 1 day ago by jeremie (3,730 points)
ok thanks we just release a new version of Red PNDA which is now based on the release 3.6, checkout and new OVA can be download here: