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Red-Pnda; TSDB not up

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asked Jan 1 by chetansk (170 points)
edited Jan 2 by chetansk

I am running the red-pnda virtual box. My OpenTSDB (on port 4242) is not functional, is this expected ? Where should I look for additional help ?




Added zookeeper as Requited-start in /etc/init.d/opentsdb , things started working...



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answered 4 days ago by 91pavan (260 points)
Hi there, zookeeper is always a bit finicky to start so we had a section in our trouble shooting guide to fix this problem:

Interesting to hear adding zookeeper to Required-Start section of opentsdb init file did the trick.. Can you share your opentsdb init config file please?

Thank you.

PS: We've updated the red-pnda to make it a bit more stable and its now on par with PNDA 3.6 release. Please update to the latest VM.