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Baremetal install

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asked Dec 19, 2017 by ziptie (120 points)
Anybody succesfully installed pnda on baremetal lately? Using this:

We are getting some errors when initially trying to deploy the undercloud. Seems the procedure on uses Hiera (when running 50-puppet-stack-config) which is deprecated in puppet 4 (and puppet 4 gets installed when running yum install tripleoclient so that break the whole install).

I know this is not specific to PNDA but since its part of the documentation and not working I thought i'd mention this. if/when i find a workaround i'll try posting here. thanks.

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answered Dec 23, 2017 by trsmith2 (3,440 points)
Thanks for your post - as of PNDA 3.6 we recommend the "PNDA on server cluster" approach for deploying PNDA to arbitrary machines due to some issues with the tripleo based approach that we haven't found the time to work through. The "PNDA on bare metal" section should be de-linked from the guide in the meantime, so thanks for pointing out that it's still there. Please follow one of tracks under

For now we will keep this approach in the project with an 'experimental' rider on it and would welcome contributions/workarounds for those that do want to pursue full bare metal automation.