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PNDA console is accessible but cannot get into Kafka, Metrics and no deployed packages and apps

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asked Dec 15, 2017 by amfooladgar (200 points)

After installation completed (pico flavor and release/3.5), I saw in the logs that this package failed to be installed:

              ID: cloudera-manager-install_daemons
        Function: pkg.installed
            Name: cloudera-manager-daemons
          Result: False
         Comment: The following packages failed to install/update: cloudera-manager-daemons=5.12.1-1.cm5121.p0.6~trusty-cm5
         Started: 04:24:45.289971
        Duration: 800.722 ms
    Summary for pndatest-hadoop-edge
    Succeeded: 21 (changed=7)
    Failed:     1

So I logged in and locally installed this package. Other than this I did not see any other issue.

In PNDA console, I cannot see none of the services are green, in the metrics tab, it says all the components are online, but the value is "UNAVAILABLE". Also, cannot see any packages or apps available. Shouldn't it deploy some default apps/packages? Also, Unable to connect to Jupyter and Kafka links. 

PNDA is installed in a private network and I launched a new instance inside the same private network to browse into the PNDA edge node. My question is, do I need to add any security group or open all those TCP ports that PNDA is using for the clusters to see them in the console. I am not sure what I am missing here.

Any suggestion?

1 Answer

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answered Jan 8 by amfooladgar (200 points)
This case is resolved! The issue was on Openstack and mirror/build component releases mismatch.